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Have I Been Created?

So, if my intuitions are correct, I wonder if one of the most divisive questions out there is this: have I been created?  I don’t hear much talk around the subject outside of the “is there a God” debate.  Yet, when we talk about such things, we don’t often ask about how it affects us.  Have I been created?  Your answer will determine a lot about how you life your life.

I suppose, too, there are a cacophony of answers to the question.  They probably range from beliefs in personal gods to a universal force, from no god to human existence by mere permutation.  In the end, I am convinced that there is a lot at stake in how you answer it.  At the very least, absence of a creator should, by logic, increase your levels of anxiety.  And at the most, the existence of a creator or creative force should impact the way your live your life.

I once randomly met a Vietnam vet in a Walmart.  He served in the force as a sniper.  After a bone-chilling rendition of his war horrors, this man confidently stated his belief that a good God could not have created him.  He had seen too much and killed too many.  He lamented further that my generation had no idea about the War.  He was right.  Yet, as I pressed into him with questions, I could tell he was living with inconsistent internal narratives (like most of the rest of us). He finally admitted his belief that he himself was good and could coexist in the midst of evil men. I told him that if he would just try to talk to God that night, I would read a book on Vietnam.  We planned to meet a month later in a cafe, and as he left he turned and said to me, “You know, son, I knew that I would meet you here today.  I just knew something good was going to happen.”

A belief in a good Creator is different than a belief in simply being created altogether, just as much as belief in a malevolent God is not the same thing as a belief in no Creator.  But, in the end, we all must contend with the dramatic human experience of the divine, of a mystery Who— or a force, which goes about forming the universe. If you believe that we are all here by happenchance, you have a mass of human experience standing between you and your evidence.   I don’t mean to sound harsh.  After all, a huge percentage of people who believe in a Creator go around as if there were not a God at all.  Life has its pain.  And there are good reasons not to believe in a God, but if we are honest about the testimony of humanity for thousands of years, we discover great meaning and our place in the grand drama if we find our rightful place as the magnificent creation of a Creating Mystery.  Any other way of seeing it seems  to me too mixed in human brokenness and the spirit of our age.

But, I am open to your ideas.