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preLectionary (for Sunday October 12, 2014)

This is a little guide for preachers who preach the lectionary, a little wind in the sails for those who might not make it to Sunday prepared. I’ll give you a push, and you steer your way into the pulpit. What I’ve given you here are (1) cluster of themes that emerge from the readings, (2) a few leading questions and (3) a few helpful links.


Next week’s chosen readings (for October 12, 2014) are

  • Isaiah 25.1-9, Psalm 23, Philippians 4.1-9, and Matthew 22.1-14

Topics addressed by these verse include: Friendship, Apocalyptic, Prayer, Peace, Mindfulness, Life as a Sacrifice, Provision, Divine Justice, Banquet, Feasting, Death Defeated, and Salvation. While you could preach on any of these topics alone, the verses cluster with more concentration around the themes of divine providence and peace, or divine justice and comfort.

If you choose to focus your message,  for example, on divine providence and peace, think about these questions:

  1. When in your life have you been backed to the wall financially or in another sphere of your life?  What did you learn from it? What event in your life drove you closest to trusting in God’s providence for you, and in what ways did this bring you peace of mind?
  2. In what ways do you think your church members struggle with deeply trusting in God’s providence? How do you see distrust in God’s providence impacting levels of anxiety and peace?
  3. What do these scriptures say about God’s providence, character, and the peace that follows in trusting this God?
  4. What ways do you think these scriptures speak to your congregants? What are three or four practical ways that people might increase their trust in God’s providence?
  5. What might you say to help your congregation dream about life as individuals and in community whose levels of peace went up and their levels of anxiety went down? What might result?

Here are some helpful links as you think through these questions: