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Luminos: The Latin word for illuminate.  Below you will find a link to all the resources you can find in the Abbey (plus a few extra).  Most are free. Some are $1.  This is also the place to donate to the ongoing research and writing for Christian Spirituality in North America.  If you found these resources helpful,  you can donate up to a million dollars toward helping men and women in North America order their lives around the Living God.


Appreciation– $0.99 USD. We call this series “spirituality for the streets” because our spirituality usually takes place at the margins of our day–if we practice it at all. We miss out on the majority of material God uses to shape and speak to us. Whether we are full-time mothers or CEOs, life can swallow our energy. But what if there were another way of looking at our days, a more ancient way? What if we were missing a thousand opportunities to connect with God–practices that don’t show up on the usual list of spiritual disciplines? How can we cultivate our hearts while fulfilling our responsibilities? How can we turn our situations into prayer? This series will explore our access to sacred things waiting to be discovered among the mundane. It is a spirituality for the streets.


Top 20 Best Ways to Worship While You Whistle- Free     The everyday working person lives in a constant pressure cooker.  Are there not some easy ways to worship/ reflect/ center our spirits while we  blast through our morning routines, push through our 9 to 5′s, and endure through dinner and dusk?  Easy? No. Least life altering? Yes.


A Short Guide to Formation in Common- FreeEver wish your small group could get past the small talk? Are you looking for a way for your small group to share life together?  Does the very thought of a life-story telling session make you tired? This guide is for you, offering five ancient practices that will turn your small group’s attention back to God.

::————————————————————————————————————————————–::  Transforming Evil Into Good With Martin Luther King, Jr. -$1

A short e-book on what it means to Transform Evil into the Salvation for Many. With thoughts from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Click Image to “Buy Now”


Prayers of the Saints- Free
Join the saints of the Christian Church in their hallmark prayers.  Find treasures of God’s Kingdom in their petitions and prayers.  Add your voice to a millennium of praises, joining heart to heart with the creator of this universe. 
Submit your favorite prayer from the masters. Keep tabs as the list of prayers grows.


Sacred Earth- Free

A Collection of reflections on the earth.  Bookmark this resource as you learn to open your eyes in your garden or deep in the woods.

Submit a piece of earth writing. Keep tabs as the collection grows.


Scripture and Song: A Short e-book On Global Worship (PDF)- Free

An essay on how churches might think about multicultural worship.  Should we try and be multicultural if we are not yet? What can we do to promote multicultural worship?  How can global worship prepare the way for multicultural worship?

Compiled from a 2010-11 forum at Asbury Theological Seminary: by faculty, staff, and students.


Essence of the Eternal: A Short e-book on Why You Should Try and Make a Difference (PDF)- Free

Volume 1 of Active Spirituality: Why should we try and make a difference in this world? Pay it forward? To satisfy the ways we feel sorry for others? Are there better reasons than these?  This short e-book explores the inspirations that might help you endure the ups and downs of making a difference in this life.

Shaping the Heart of a Servant: The Spirituality and 8 Dispositions of the Good Samaritan (PDF)- Free

Volume 2 of Active Spirituality. What we need now more than ever is a new vision for ministry in globalized, urbanizing, post-modern world.  How can we order a community who seeks to share life and social concern together?  How might an educational institution or non-profit agency lead their students and employees into a lifestyle of devotion?  How can people and organizations in this world that want to make a difference adopt a spirituality that infuses their mission and structure? This short book takes a stab at these questions and more.


Modern Day Abolition Resources- Free


Worship, Prayer, Vocation: A short guide on Finding Direction in Life (PDF)- Free

The life of contemplation may be the hardest work in the universe. Believe it or not, you can find healing and wholeness even pulling a 9-5.  You might even lock into some life-changing guidance.


Luke’s Nativity: The Contemplative New Testament (PDF)- Free

We all long for a rich Christmas.   Even in our less sentimental moments, we know there is something magical about a quiet Christmas Eve.  But the holidays race past us.  When that holy night comes, we wonder if we will ever get to the Story.  We get caught up in between the rush from church to shopping, from eating to wrapping.  This little devotional wants to help, by offering the Nativity story bit by bit, on the nine-day approach up to the big night.

This is a paraphrase, a contemplative paraphrase…(read more).

[Click Here for a printable PDF version]


Copyright © 2012 Keith Jagger.  All rights reserved.


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