Formation Commons

Welcome to the Formation Commons where we are currently running a project in shared spirituality.  We are trying to locate a “spirituality for the streets” because, usually, our spirituality takes place at the margins of our day – if we practice it at all. We miss out on the majority of material God uses to shape and speak to us. Whether we are full-time mothers or CEOs, life can swallow our energy.

But what if there were another way of looking at our days, a more ancient way? What if we were missing a thousand opportunities to connect with God–practices that don’t show up on the usual list of disciplines? How can we cultivate our hearts while fulfilling our responsibilities? How can we turn situations into prayer? This series will explore our access to sacred things waiting to be discovered among the mundane.


Volume One is on Appreciation as Spiritual Discipline.  You can find it published here.  We plan to turn this conversation into more books as time unfolds.  Just like with appreciation, the final devotional product will turn up here first, as posts and the comments they get.

So we’re back to step one for volume two.  What are other spiritual disciplines that we don’t usually find in lists of practices? Make a contribution below as we discover more practices for the streets.

Further Resources for Sharing Life and Social Concern


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