We believe that God is preparing an order of believers called to renew the earth.  Urban Abbey is an online resource for that order, specifically a gathering ground for future organization of mission to North America.  These men, women, and children will take up the church’s ancient spirituality and carry it to the streets. God is not calling for career change in this order.  And he is not interested in theories of self-help. He is planting this people in every sector, a people marked by resilience.

Sensing that we have a lot to relearn, we are sure that the DNA of the Christian message has the power to fill the best possible society with the best possible people.

Seeking a healthy spirituality for the active life, we are finding ourselves poised to join in with the divine mission.

Strengthening the connection between social concern and spiritual formation, we are humbled by the reality that the Christian message for today often needs more than a few nice words.  We must demonstrate the gospel’s power to build peaceful and just communities filled with compassionate and loving citizens.

Struggling with life together, we sense that we stand on the shoulders of saints.  They were every day people, men women, mothers and fathers. They are calling us to cross boundaries and explore a new order for men and women, mothers and fathers today.  Their lives convince us that God is at work renewing His lands.  

We promote embodied life in community.   We host reflective conversations.  We share social concern. We spark  contemplative imagination.


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