The Contemplative New Testament: Luke 2

As a PhD candidate in Christian Origins, I spend a lot of my time in the Bible. What this means is that if you would trust a first year med student to operate on your brain, you will feel comfortable using these for your devotional life.  I have translated the texts with two main angles always in mind:  God’s Kingdom and Christian Spirituality.  I trust you will find these new paraphrases enlightening as you live out God’s counter-intuitive ways on earth as it is in heaven.

Luke 2.21-24

And when the eighth day arrived and it was time to make the “in God’s people cut” on his body, they named him Jesus.  The angel gave him that name even before he was placed in the womb.

So when that day of cleansing arrived, the day prescribed by the law of Moses, they led him up to Jerusalem and set him before the Lord.  They were following the Lord’s law closely: “Every firstborn that makes it through his mother’s body will be considered holy to the Lord.  Therefore give a sacrifice of two turtledoves or two young doves.