The Contemplative New Testament: Luke 2

As a PhD candidate in Christian Origins, I spend a lot of my time in the Bible. What this means is that if you would trust a first year med student to operate on your brain, you will feel comfortable using these for your devotional life.  I have translated the texts with two main angles always in mind:  God’s Kingdom and Christian Spirituality.  I trust you will find these new paraphrases enlightening as you live out God’s counter-intuitive ways on earth as it is in heaven.

Luke 2.15-20

And after all of this the angels left them and went up into heaven.  And the herdsmen conferred with one another.  “We should go to Bethlehem and see about this sign,” they said.  According to the Lord, a baby is supposed to be there.”

And they left eagerly and sought out Mariam and Joseph and  the baby, which was lying in the manger.  And when they saw them there, they knew its significance, about the word given to them by the angels, and about this child.  And when the little family heard the shepherd’s report, they were amazed about it.   And Mary continued to add it all up in her heart. She joined their story up with the many amazing, but hidden, signs they had experienced.

And the shepherds returned to their fields giving glory and praising God for all that they heard and saw.  For it was all just as the angels had said.