20 Least Life Altering Ways to Worship While you Whistle

The Shakers lived a lifestyle of worship.  And if they ever were to meet the 7 Dwarfs, I think they’d have a lot to talk about. Like the Dwarfs, we are a working world of busy professionals.  Like the Shakers, we all long for a lifestyle marked with meaning, with rich traditions, food, and relationships.  And unlike the Disney characters or the easy caricatures of the Shaker life, the everyday working person lives in a constant pressure cooker.  Are there not some easy ways to worship/ reflect/ center our spirits while we  blast through our morning routines, push through our 9 to 5’s, and endure through dinner and dusk?  Easy? No. Least life altering? Yes.

  1. Favorite Things:  After our dinner prayers, each person in my family shares their 1 favorite thing from the day.  It gets our conversation into appreciative tones and links together what could be an otherwise fragmented day.
  2. Interruptions into Invitations: When your nose is buried in an essential, career changing project, try to turn interruptions into invitations from God.  Unwanted extraverts can be invitations to remember that your life and happiness is not dependent on your effort alone.  God’s got your back. Then get back to work (this can take as little as 3 seconds, if you keep focused).
  3. Start Your Meetings Off With a Bit of Silence:  Organizational specialists stress the importance of inspiration.  People need to stay connected with why they do what they do.  Taking 5 minutes of silence at the beginning of a meeting can make a big difference in tone and positive energy.
  4. Kiddie Devotion: Read your children a kid’s Bible every night before bed.  When life is rushed, make it your devotion too.  Sometimes you have to go whole months doing this. I’d recommend: the Jesus Storybook Bible.
  5. Meal Contemplation: Everybody eats.  During your meals, take a few moments and try and think about the journey that your food has taken from its origin.  Just think about a frozen pizza: plants and animals grew, gave milk for cheese, people picked and diced the veggies, pasteurized the milk, made it into cheese.  Somebody packaged then delivered the food to someone else who sprinkled and spread. Somebody froze it. Another person delivered it to a market.  Another person stocked it.  You bought it, thawed it, and gnawed it.  It’s a humbling practice, contemplating at meal time
  6. Be Still and Know that I am God: Okay, for the people who thought I’d never get to God directly.  Taking a few breaks a day (for 2 seconds) and repeating in your head, “Be Still and Know that I am God,” can make a big difference.
  7. Find Joy in Cooking: Another food idea.  If you want, you can find joy in menial tasks.  Start with cooking, if that’s not too life-altering.  Appreciate how different tastes go together and the creativity of it all.  Once in a while put down the recipe and go for your own, trusting your intuition. Try to laugh when it turns out disgusting.  Eat your concoction or throw it out and contemplate over that frozen pizza.
  8. Worship Playlist. If you can listen to your iTunes during work…make a worship playlist of four or five of the songs that most inspire you/ remind you of God, His story, and his mission in the world. Play through it twice a day while you write emails.
  9. Posture. Pay attention to your posture.  Are you hunching over?  Let it be a signal that your spirit may be striving too much.  Are your shoulders by your ears?  Maybe your are putting too much pressure on yourself.  Let your posture guide you back to easiness of spirit.
  10. Prayer’s of the Saints: Take a moment to pray a prayer written by a saint.  If you don’t know any, try this link“Prayers of the Saints” is built for you.
  11. Carpenter’s Wink: Sometimes God wants you to keep focus and keep working.  I once was typing away at a manuscript.  I felt guilty that I was focusing too much on my work, too little on God.  I imagined Him working at a saw-bench beside me, with safety goggles and all.  I caught His attention as if to say, “I love you.” He stretched upright, pulled his eye protection off, gave a wink, and went straight back to work. So did I.
  12. Sabbath. Take at least one day of your week to rest.  Saturday or Sunday is the best, since a lot of people still take these days off. Resting in community is so much better than doing it alone.
  13. Breath Prayers. When you are driving or riding home, catch yourself taking intentional deep breaths.  When you breath in, think to yourself, “God be with me.”  When you breath out, think “away all that was meant for evil.”
  14. Crying and Sleeping Babies.  Our little bundles of joy can be great teachers.  Whether your little chap is fussing in your arms (he is alive after all, and has been given a voice) or your little princess is sleeping away (have you ever felt the palm of a sleeping baby?) you can turn these moments into deep places of thanksgiving.
  15. Appreciate Your Limits. Ever feel ultra-guilty that you can’t find time for God?  It’s okay.  Don’t beat yourself up or try and turn yourself into a spiritual Master overnight.  Sometimes trusting that God has you right where he needs you in this moment is the best thing for you. (Okay, now I am moving into some suggestions that may be a little more life altering. I’m assuming that God is the one who is turning  you into a spiritual master and that it might work).
  16. JNI. These are Just Noticeable Improvements.  When it comes to worship and intimacy with God. Keep going. Don’t give up.  Catch yourself making just noticeable improvements.  The spiritual life is far more about waking up one day and realizing that God has changed you and your habits than it is about mastering any one or the other spiritual discipline.
  17. Appreciation and Thanksgiving. As you progress in your spiritual life, try to find God’s invitations more and more.  Find them in the things you are successful with.  Find them in the obstacles you face.  Find them in the joys you experience.  Find them even in your deepest disappointments.
  18. Make Time for Prayer.  8 Hours Sleeping, 8 Hours Working, 8 Hours Playing. Do the math.  Make subtle adjustments for the equation to fit you.  If you are more than three or four hours off in any area, you might be a bit unbalanced.
  19. Make a Routine. 1 hour a day.  1 day a week. 1 week a year.  1 year of 7.  Rest and delight in this life God has given you.  This is a workaday master’s life plan (with room for you to adjust).  Wake up when you are 60 and find your life is filled rich traditions, food, and relationships.  And realize that your life is about more than your own happiness.  You are called, in your particular way, to help others with their JNI’s and sometimes to stand up when people live under rulers and systems that take away their potential for routine, flowering, and worship.
  20. Your ideas? What are some other ways that you worship while you whistle…

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  1. ha I love the dwarfs and shakers idea! my challenge to you Mr Jagger is to try and do this with the interruptions of little voices, hands, feet, whines and needs during the day. It is doable, but adds another layer I think…

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