The Contemplative New Testament: Luke 1

As a PhD candidate in Christian Origins, I spend a lot of my time in the Bible. What this means is that if you would trust a first year med student to operate on your brain, you will feel comfortable using these for your devotional life.  I have translated the texts with two main angles always in mind:  God’s Kingdom and Christian Spirituality.  I trust you will find these new paraphrases enlightening as you live out God’s counter-intuitive ways on earth as it is in heaven.

Luke 1.46-56

And Mariam said, “My Spirit praises the Lord.  And the beating of my heart rejoices in God my savior.  Why should I be filled so? Because a King has noticed the humility of his servant.  Take this as a sign to come:  From now on, all generations will count me blessed.  And the honor is all His.  The great and Mighty One did this to me.  His name is Pure and Precious.

His mercy comes to those who fear him, passing from generation through generations.  He has a powerful arm with which he has done mighty things in history.  To those who are prideful in the attitudes of their heart, he shattered them.  He brought down rulers from their thrones and lifted up the lowly.

He filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away empty.   And most of all, He embraced his son Israel, remembering mercy.  It was a promise that inspired him.  A promise to Abraham, a promise to our fathers, a promise chiseled in eternity.”

Mariam remained with Elizabeth for three months.  And then she returned to her father’s house.