Raising Healthy Christian Men

Livno, Bosnia

Today, it is not easy to raise a healthy Christian man. After fifteen years, most parents have handed down significant flaws to their boys.  And, many feel out of touch with the decisions their sons continue to make.  Fathers and mothers, from all classes, struggle. If it is not gang violence in our cities, it is substance addiction in the burbs.  Somewhere in the middle, the average mother, who loves her honors son, hopes he feels like more than a proud shelf of achievements.  And, if fathers are happy with their successful corporate sons, they should take a second look.  He is probably not free.  It is the boys who have gone through significant crises that end up truly thriving.  But even our diamonds in the rough seem lost without a map in a trackless desert.

What if mothers and fathers did not have to raise a man alone?  What if the body of Christ could help? What if our church found a way to connect our young men with the influence and experience of our elders? What if we were more proactive, as a community, offering our young Christian men a vision of manhood during an undeniable experience of Christian formation?  What if we could trust that God was transforming our sons’ deepest scars into gifts for the community?