Divinity Schools are Dying in the West, Deemed Irrelevant: Why I am Going for A PhD Christian Origins

If you’re like me, you love this world. And you feel a terrible tenderness for humanity, the evil it lives with and the death it must face. And for all your doubt, you have come to the somewhat unshakable conviction that evil and death were faced square on some two thousand years ago. The teaching and deeds and death of a Jewish peasant swirls through your heart almost daily.

You conclude that though God doesn’t do it, hadn’t done it before, or yet again, the resurrection happened, with Jesus’ body.  In this once in million years act, you see in it the celebration of life and promise of living without evil or death.  You sense that the longings of the human heart were fulfilled in that moment.  You know it isn’t escapist, because while you spend the days dwelling in your issues, you see marks of life sprouting all around.  You catch faint echoes of a deep love dwelling strongly in dark places.  And when you follow the reverberations of this hope, you find yourself just a little bit more every day living into your destiny and becoming the person you feel just right about.   You find yourself strong, a healer, whose breath gets taken away sometimes by the world’s landscapes and the humans dwelling upon them.

That’s why I aspire to apprentice in the healing ministry Jesus began.  That’s why I feel called to dwell on and eventually teach the historical origins of the man and his earliest followers.  That’s why I have compiled this platform of resources for contemplation– for like-minded individuals and communities seeking to share life together and their concern for this world and its people.