My Definition of a True Man

Jesus was not always a badass.  Truth and Grace incarnate is not the nickname any followers would give to a rogue vigilante.  Nor was he the mild shepherd that others imagine. He was the prime example of the fully human true man.  And having studied Jesus these last ten years of my life, I have concluded from his image that true men are healers: filled with life and laughter, grace and truth, in touch with poverty and grief, and bursting with desire to cultivate intimacy with the Father.  Jesus left his mother, embodied a fierce compassion, and stood up wisely and decisively against injustice. We must wisely reject the anemic, sentimental and emotive definitions of manhood propagated across the airwaves by experts of male psychology.  And we must seriously question the attempt to cajole men to bear their souls to one another with sobs so that they can harden their resolve to keep their promises.

We must first recognize that despite our culture and its averseness to Christ-likeness, God is busy using every day experiences, success, failures and crises to for Christ-like men all across our land.  We must recognize it will take a lifetime for a man to reach this destiny. Then we must see Jesus’ example clearly to know something of what God is doing.  I am not sure if we are ready for the implications of Christ-like manhood.  Women stand to loose their easily placated husbands, mothers their little boys, and father’s their own managed self-image. The risks are high, but the cost is even greater if we cannot soon find a Christ-vision and practice for a generation of men who are grasping for manhood yet blind to its pathway.


6 thoughts on “My Definition of a True Man”

  1. You managed to pen a gripping first sentence. 🙂 Loved it! And really liked the implications you list in the last paragraph. We seldom really want what we say… because we have no idea what we are really talking about. Nice blog.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. Just got back from a week in NW Ontario, fishing in the wilderness. Pseudo manly things 🙂 Am glad for your engagement with this topic. I hope you are open to some ongoing conversation. If there is one woman in the universe other than Eve that I want to kick these ideas around, it is you. For men, I sense, you are both affirming and challenging, gentle, and firm.

    1. 🙂 Thanks Maggie. Just got back from a week of fishing in the Canadian Wilderness with the men of my wife’s family. Glad you got a good thing going on. The work of a mother is so important for little men both nurturing and letting go. Those guys got a good mom in you.

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