Why Young People are Starting to Travel the Globe

Every generation has to rethink their world.  Today, young people everywhere have to grapple with new peoples arriving from all over the world…who will not give up their culture.  That’s our new dynamic.

For the last six years, the American Council for Education, has examined the link between internationalization and diversity/multicultural affairs.   Some forward thinking institutions agree with what A.C.E. has been saying: “Synergistic efforts between these areas can assist institutions in education more effectively for global connects and local commitments.”[1]  The point: we are no longer dealing with Black vs White in America.  That day has passed.  Yet, with all these new people around, we can never lose the lessons we have learned in our American race struggle.

The A.C.E’s, At Home in the World Initiative hopes in the end bolster cultural competency in the American graduate as,

“the job market globalizes, and the workforce continues to diversify. In order to become responsible, productive citizens, our students must understand their own cultures and those of their neighbors at home and afar.   For institutions to fulfill their service mission in a globalized society, they will need to advance the analytical frameworks, pedagogical enhancements, diversification strategies, and innovative solutions to societal issues that the work in this intersection affords.

Older generations are wary about us young people liking to travel the globe.  What they miss is that any competitive professional in the mid to late 21st century will have to have not just knowledge about other folks but exposure to their world as a minority among their everyday life.  Young people should be traveling and more than we first might proscribe.

[1] See the American Council of Education’s initiative seeking to bring together the historic missions for diversity/ multicultural education and internationalization on U.S. campuses. See: http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ProgramsServices/cii/current/gap/index.htm