Moves Like Jagger: A short update

The Jaggers have moved.   Well, that’s not news to most of you.  After 6 years in Kentucky and picking up 2 beautiful girls along the way, our time in the South is done (for now).  Our goal is to be living in Scotland by the start of October, with me heading there on September 1.

In the mean time, we are flexing our nomadic muscles and traveling through the Midwest to see family and friends before we leave.  I am doing some prep work for the PhD (including 19 books to digest) and working diligently on visa applications and finding accommodation (do you know anybody who will rent out a cottage near St. Andrews for cheap?)

So, what does a father and husband with PhD aspirations do while getting ready for such an adventure?

  • Try to teach Claire how to ride her bike without training wheels
  • Hold Autumn a few times a day and get as many smiles out of her as possible
  • Focus on the Historical Jesus with emphasis on reading some recent texts about him
  • Spend 6 hours on a Sunday making sure I’ve read the UK Student Visa policy right
  • Get addicted to the Voice and America’s Got Talent.
  • Become a Pro Tennis Star on Wii Sports
  • Steal some exhausted moments with Eve at the edges of the day
  • And appreciate the moments after a flood of high school memories come back and when I sense that the Spirit has handled me gently.

And for those of you who care (I think there are a few who do), I plan to keep blogging next year and will try to keep up some this summer as the words come out.  For now, I will be done focussing on Appreciation and the Will to Love.  Rather, I will be proving that “Thriving Among the Lilies” is indeed a manly title by posting excerpts up from recent writings on three somewhat divergent topics: Spirituality, Global Community, and Manhood.