Global Hosptiality and Spiritual Formation

The communities and institutions which will help produce brighter futures will embody a global hospitality and engage in a robust lifestyle of spiritual formation.  Global Hospitality will encourage its participants to always keep their attention fixed to global news while never losing sight of local events.  When new faces appear or marginal voices speak up, global hospitality will make room for the fullness of the new face and voice.  And global hospitality will be evidenced by an outpouring of relational and physical support given on the part of a diverse set of hands.  Positively contributing communities will do everything possible to fund global hospitality.

They will also engage in a robust lifestyle of spiritual formation seen in the image of the Good Samaritan. The Samaritan Heart reflects Christ’s integrated heart.  It is easy to smile and hide a bitter resentment.  It is easy to harbor stereotypes.  It is not easy to become Christ. Like the Samaritan, Jesus’ heart continually led him across uncomfortable ethnic and socio-economic borders of his community.  Similarly, the call for Samaritans to “Go and do likewise” continuously presses us to care for others in need (c.f. Mt. 25).  Our experience of His divine forgiving love roots our concern. Our call to Christ-like care for our local communities motivates our activity. And the promise of God’s constant transformative work inspires us to joyful peace amidst a dark world.   As the philosopher and theologian, Thomas Kelly, wrote: “God plucks the world out of our hearts, loosening the chains of attachment.  And He hurls the world into our hearts, where we and He together carry it in infinitely tender love.”  Nothing less than a robust spirituality will do.  If a discipled community or institution is necessary to form our particular person, we must invest in the spiritual formation of its members and engage in the mutually transforming work of Global Hospitality.