I Am a Son of the American Revolution

In high school, I won the “Sons of the American Revolution” award.  That same year, I also achieved the highest honor any scout can reach: Eagle Scout.   Then I traveled the world.

Now, I am in so many ways proud to be an American.  On this day, as we remember the men and women who serve our nation, I am acutely aware of their sacrifice.  When I look through the pictures of our travels in Cambodia or watch a movie about Vietnam, I think:  I freely traveled those lands and peacefully explored the Ancient Buddhist ruins.  They crawled through jungles filled with bombs and snipers.  When I think about my travels in Europe, I remember that the North Atlantic could have been ruled by a crazy man if not for the Allied Forces.  I got to backpack across the EU and experience the cathedrals and castles of ancient Christendom.  When I think about my friendships with African American brothers and sister, I remember the heroes of the Civil Right Movement and the bloodiest war in our nation’s young history (our only Civil War).

And on this day, as I think about my work,– which never has nor will likely ever include harnessing a gun–it makes me want to be excellent too.  It makes me want to bridge divergent peoples.  It makes me want sow seeds of peace wherever I go.  And it makes me want to help make the best out of the bad situations in which we find ourselves so often in this global era.   And then, I hope that my children will be able to say they peacefully explored the ancient ruins of Babylon and scaled the heights of the Hindu Kush and lived in a era filled with good will and a growing trust.


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  1. Keith, thank you for sharing this, remarkably well stated. I hope for the same things for this new generation.

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