Spirituality and the Active Life: An Order

Behind the scenes of our chaotic world, God is renewing the face of the earth.  The holy seeds of his Great Plan sprout like clover, spreading out to world’s end.  And as great forests of Christian life are blooming in lands once deemed impossible, people in the North Atlantic are searching for their souls.  Sensing that we have a lot to relearn, we also see how the DNA of the Christian message has the power to fund the best possible North Atlantic society filled with the best possible North Atlantic people.

Making life among the overgrown ruins of our industrial cities, we are discovering fresh street value from ancient wisdom.

Seeking a healthy spirituality for the active life, we are finding ourselves poised to join in the divine mission.

Strengthening the connection between social concern and spiritual formation, we are humbled by the reality that the Christian message for today must include an authentically motivated social witness, a demonstration of the gospel’s power to build peaceful and just communities filled with compassionate and loving citizens.

Struggling with life together, we sense that we stand on the shoulders of saints who inspire us to join hands and explore new visions that birth new practices for the renewal of our lands.