Guest Post by Harvey Cozart: Knowing GOD’S LOVE — Part I

As I reflect on God’s great love, I would like to share an experience I was a part of where I witnessed the power of His love.   Several years ago I decided to do some open-air evangelism on campus with a friend of mine, who was involved in the same campus ministry I was in at that time. After much prayer we decided to do some preaching in the free speech area on the campus. I was nervous, but felt confirmation that this was what God wanted. On a cloudy Monday morning I met him there and to my surprise there were several students there also. My friend had made some calls the night before to tell folks to come out and support us in prayer.

So we all joined hands and began to pray for God’s will to be done. As students began to offer up prayers to God, other students joined us. At least thirty students ended up gathering together that morning to pray. I started to feel more confident. It was like being in the huddle of a basketball team, motivating each other before a big game. I was ready to tell the world about Jesus.

As I climbed onto a concrete table that elevated me above the crowd, I noticed the clouds fading away, allowing the sun to make its grand appearance. I looked at the slim crowd waiting in anticipation for what I was going to say. Others walked by with books in hand, giving me a quick glance as they moved on. Things seemed normal during that moment—people talking with each other, some reading books quietly to themselves and others just enjoying the sun’s rays. But when I opened my mouth to speak, everything changed. All attention was focused on me.

As I began to talk, I noticed the unusual loudness of my voice and how far it carried. I thought, Whoa, Harvey, are you really doing this? Many more people started to gather around and listen to what I was saying. I began to share with them about the love of Jesus and how in his great love he bore our own sins upon himself. I said, “God is not out to condemn you and tell you that he hates you, but he desires to save you and tell you that he loves you.”

As I continued, I noticed a young student who joined in heckling and laughing with the small group of people she was with. They pointed at me and made gestures as if to distract me. Her preppy look stood in contrast to the all-black attire her friends wore. For some strange reason I focused right on her. She became my only audience as I continued to talk about the love of Jesus.

Then something powerful happened. Her laughter stopped and her face contorted in confusion. Tears slowly began to stream down her face, and she started to walk toward me. Her friends looked as puzzled as I felt. They called out to her, “Hey, come back. What are you doing?” Her tears were followed with loud sobs as she sped up her pace in my direction…

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