Childhood and Spirituality

Following up from yesterday’s post… I am reading a book on spirituality called, “Looking for Jesus” by Adrian Van Kaam.  The premise of the book is this:  Jesus’ speech in John 14 is his magnum opus on the spiritual life.  I  came across one of those gotta-memorize paragraphs:

“To live spiritually is to preserve the spirit of childhood within myself, to regain it when it is lost, to restore its power when it is weakened. The opposite is pride. ‘Every proud man is an abomination to the Lord; I assure you that he will not go unpunished.’ (Pv. 16.5) His punishment is the loss of wonder and openness, of the sense of adventure that is the salt of life and love.”*
I was particularly moved by the last sentence.  The absence of wonder, openness, and adventure seem to me all parts of the shadow of discouragement, monotony, and then depression.  Am slowly learning to step away from these damp places. How do you remain in wonder, openness, and adventure?


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