Prayers of the Saints: St. Teresa of Avila


May I Serve Your Desires

May you through your providence, Lord, provide the necessary means by which my soul may serve you at Your pleasure rather than at its own.  Don’t punish me by giving me what I want or desire if Your love, which lives in me always, doesn’t desire it.  May this “I” die, and may another live in me greater than I and better for me than I, so that I may serve Him.  May He live and give me life.  May He reign and may I be captive, for my soul doesn’t want any other liberty.  How will he be free who is a stranger to the Most High?  What greater or more miserable captivity than for a soul to be loosed from the hand of its Creator?  Happy are those who with  the strong fetters and chains of the kindnesses of the  mercy of God find themselves prisoners and deprived of the power to break loose.

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