Saturdays Through Ephesians

For me and my family, Saturdays are for rest and the Word of God.  For a time, I am dwelling in Ephesians, so I thought I would invite you along.  What you will read is my translation, which like Eugene Peterson’s translation, reads more like a paraphrase than a literal interpretation.  So, with that in mind, here’s hoping that Saturdays through Ephesians gives us both rest in a restless age.


Ephesians 2.17-22

When Jesus came, he preached peace to you who were at the end of the line and peace to you who are near.

Because we both have access through him, both of those that were split are one in the Spirit with the Father.

Therefore, you are no longer aliens, and foreigners.  But you are part of the nation and even part of God’s family.  You are getting built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with the cornerstone of Christ Jesus.  In Christ as the whole house fits together, it grows into the holy temple in the Lord.  And in Christ, you are being built into the dwelling place of God in the Spirit.