Travel Diaries: Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill has been for me more than an amazing destination, though it is that. I held one of my first jobs at this largest restored Shaker Village in America.   I have made a living, ate like a king, retreated, hiked, and picnicked with my family on this historic land. The timeworn buildings and their 81 renovated guest rooms overlook a sublime countryside with historic farms and mossy rock fences.

For over a year, I worked behind the front desk for the hotel. I helped cater the various meetings held throughout the village.  And I worked on trash and linen duty.  You can imagine how intimate I became with each building and its quirks.   I could answer the guest’s questions before they could spit them out, and during each work day– often filled with local drama– we each were give one of the delectable meals free and served at five star quality.   Corn pudding, meat that fell of the bone, fried okra, corn bread.  This was my kind of food: hearty, historical, and full of love.

After my year of employment, I would often return for solace and a connection with the stunning natural surroundings.  The hiking trails weave across of farm and woodland.  The protected groves shelter herds of deer, which can be easily tracked by the eager woodsman.

And, after five years of enjoying this natural and historical wonder, I will leave it full of memories. Bird watching, hiking, picnics by the lake, feeding the turkey duck, the river boat cruise, and enjoying the one-of-a-kind craft store top the charts.  Here’s hoping you get a chance to go and that my little family can make even more memories here as the years unfold.


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