When Should I Seek the Advice and Counsel of Others?

As a young lad, I remember thinking I could find all my answers in adventure.  As a young adult, I thought my peers had all it figured out.  And as an adult, I often regret I never had a mentor who could guide me through all life’s issues.   So, when it comes to making the hard choices or making sense of the sensless, what do I do?  Should I figure it out myself, should observe my peers, or should I seek advice from a wisened mentor? I still wrestle with this one.

Yet, one thing I have learned over the course of time is that I have a Guide who believes in me and conventiently knows all about everything.  I believe that each one of us has access to the Master Guide who spends day and night directing our unfolding heart.  In other words, I am not the master of my destiny. And that is a great relief. This approach to life separates the one who feels burdened by making something of himself at all costs and the other who senses that there is a will direction our destiny.   A mentor once suggested this about Descartes, “He should have said, ‘I am, therefore I sometimes think.'”

So when it comes to decision making and the need for wisdom, if we have a Great Guide, it seems we have three ways of tapping into that Cosmic Mystery. We can learn to reflect in community about it all, we can seek a spiritual master to help us discern what in the world is going on in our lives.  And we can seek the answers on our own.  A wise soul makes use of all three and and leans always towards their own sense of right.  This is the great spiritual system for checks and balances.  And after all three avenues are trodden, one principle reigns:  Stay true to your sense of self.  And trust in the Guide.