Saturdays Through Ephesians

For me and my family, Saturdays are for rest and the Word of God.  For a time, I am dwelling in Ephesians, so I thought I would invite you along.  What you will read is my translation, which like Eugene Peterson’s translation, reads more like a paraphrase than a literal interpretation.  So, with that in mind, here’s hoping that Saturdays through Ephesians gives us both rest in a restless age.


Ephesians 1.3-10

Blessed be God– who is also the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ—who blessed us and chose us and prepared us.  He blessed us in all spiritual blessings in the heavens in Christ just as he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be together holy and without sin before him in love.  In the blessing and choosing, he prepared us for adoption into his family through Jesus Christ.  He prepared us out of his good will.  He prepared us to see afresh his glorious grace, which he gave us in the beloved one.

In the beloved one we have release through his blood.  We have the dismissal of guilt through the riches of his grace.  (This grace is more than a get out of jail free card.  That’s not really the point). In this grace, he lavished upon us all wisdom and knowledge.  He made known to us the mystery of his will.  And he was satisfied doing it.  He set forth the master plan, in him, to unfold when the time was just right.  The plan was to unify all things in Christ—in the heavens and on the earth–in him (if you have not already heard the point).