Top 6 of 2010: #2 About

In honor of the coming new year, I am posting six of my most popular posts from this last year.   I hope you enjoy the throwback:

#2: “About.”

If you’re like me, you love this world.  Its people and landscapes sometimes take your breath away.  And, seriously…did they really think that I would buy into this “you have a heavenly home, so don’t worry about this one” formula?  You will find none of that here.

Thriving Among the Lilies is a tapestry of local inspirations and lessons hard learned.  What does it mean to live locally as a global citizen?  What does a radiant life look like in a post-Christendom, post-industrial city?  How can I live simply in tune with the sacred earth? What does it mean for a human to fulfill their destiny?  That’s what I think about on a daily basis.

I have seen more places on this earth than most old men.  I wake up every morning thinking about building vibrant global community.  I work all day sometimes catching glimpses of it. I am launching into a PhD on Early Christianity, having just finished the equivalent in Formative Spirituality. And let’s be honest, trying to maintain our radiance, living in 3D, often leaves a wake of disappointments and debunked expectations.

So in my few years, I have collected a few things in four subject areas that I’d like to share with you.  I hope you take the opportunity to share back.  Lovers of Nature. Students of Scripture. Global Citizens.  Authentic Spirituality.

I also invite you to write a post-card and link into my events.  Write me a post-card on your thoughts about all of this.  Submit a message, or send me a picture (send these to my email:  If possible, I will either post the note on the front page or use the picture in a blog post.   And, on my Events page, you can link into some of my upcoming speaking arrangements and presentations.