Luke’s Nativity: The Contemplative New Testament

We all long for a rich Christmas.  When I was 19 I can remember praying for the “Best Christmas Ever.”  Even in our less sentimental moments, we know there is something magical about a quiet Christmas Eve.  But the holidays race past us.  When that holy night comes, we wonder if we will ever get to the Story.  We get caught up in between the rush from church to shopping, from eating to wrapping.  This little devotional wants to help, by offering the Nativity story bit by bit, on the nine-day approach up to the big night.

This is a paraphrase, a contemplative paraphrase…(read more).

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December 16: Dress Rehearsal Read-Through
December 17: Luke’s Introduction
December 18: Zechariah and Elizabeth
December 19: The Angel and Mariam
December 20: Mariam and Elizabeth
December 21: Mariam’s Song
December 22: Birth of John and Zachariah’s Song
December 23: Journey to Bethlehem
December 24: Angels and Shepherds
December 25: Shepherds Visit Manger
December 26: Baby Jesus in the Temple
December 27: 12 Year Old Jesus in the Temple