Travel Diaries: Singapore

The Island City-Country of Singapore has figured it out.   Internationally known more for its harsh rules than its brilliant society, this beacon Multicultural nation shines bright in the Pacific.

We visited in 2008 after I graduated from my Masters program. My wife and I through caution to the wind and took our then one year old girl half way around the world.  It can be done!  There we stayed for three weeks.  It took all that time to get used to the chicken’s feet in the food, though the oddities soon receded behind the brilliance.  Not the least of which was the vast array of tropical fruit known to man. This is not to mention the worlds finest zoo along with the Night Safari–a nocturnal zoo experience unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed.

While one might think that the botanical gardens stretch like a root throughout the whole plush city, there is one park designated especially to the national flower: the orchid.  You have never seen so many varieties displayed in one place.  Simply Beautiful.

One my best memories included the journey downtown and to the Museum of Asian Civilizations.  I spent hours slowly weaving through the exhibits on South Asian Buddhism, Islam in the Islands and Malaysia, The Chinese dynasties, Hinduism in Asia, and South East Asian Kingdoms.  This is a must-see for anyone interested in the contours and beauties of Asia.  Singapore, was a taste of the glory of Asia to come and a dwelling in the glory of Asia gone by.  If at all possible, don’t miss this destination.


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