Holistic Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation needs to be holistic.   Adrian van Kamm notes that “Every facet of the human being interacts with, and influences, the “other” in our lives.  We have to remember that world events, our relationships, our everyday life, and our internal person all shape our formation stories.  Who were our families?  What kind of body and personality have I been given? What segment or class of society am I a part of?  Any spirituality that ignores the full field is destined to mistreat us and lead us to mistreat others.  You all likely already know this.

 The Global Citizen heart is a harmony of what we call “polar dispositions”.  These virtues or spiritual muscles operate to sustain us over the long haul.  These dispositions, in concert with one another, work in our communities in a way in which I know you will be interested.  In reality, the well-shaped Community Developer’s Heart is the Samaritan’s heart.  It is a harmony of compassion, competence, a sense internal justness, and peace ability. It is a heart that reverentially and intentionally crosses the boundaries and barriers veined throughout any community.  And it is a heart that when having crossed over those boundaries, works to call forth the unique and hidden assignment or life calling that God has given every person they meet.