Spirit and Mystery: Does your life include the spiritual?

Spirituality is popular today.  Many have taken a weekend course and become self-proclaimed masters. What I am talking about today [formative spirituality] represents a holistic spirituality.  It is connected with 2000 years of masterful teaching.  It is veers away from an overemphasis on a quiet retreat from our world. It incorporates the importance of the physical world and our God-given bodies.  It teaches us to care deeply about global injustice.  But it is careful to pay attention to our limits and honors the complexities of the broken person.  It is not a spirituality easily mastered, but it has the power to shape a community into resilient radiant manifestations of God’s love despite all the ways we have been deformed. And it has the power because it takes us out of the executive center of our spiritual life and gives space for God to have His way with us.  It is a way that prevents us from mastering the mysteries of life and letting the mysteries of life master us.

God is day by day moving us beyond our limits, to feel just a little more each day that God is with us and to act just a little more like Jesus.  It is becoming more than we had been able to be. But this is not the, become your better self-spirituality. One spiritual master said it like this, “How can you reverse a waterfall”.   Our selfish lives are ever flowing toward our own agendas and projects crashing and tumbling down the stream of pride.  Day by day, God works to reverse our waterfall and flow our lives back into him. Day by day, he is adding another stone to our “down river” until the day comes and we awake to the fact that instead of our lives ever flowing toward our selves and our selfish ambitions, we have come just a little more like Christ.  And God is doing that work.  We simply have the power to either undo God’s work or have bad attitudes while he does it.

I am curious what you think.  Have you encountered a spirituality that works for you? If so, how would you describe it?