Where are the Origens of our Day?

Among Early Christians in Alexandria, Origen remains possibly our most influential and simultaneously controversial figure.

His life spanned the turn of the third century and on into the 250’s.  Living through a variety of persecutions, Origen produced foundational theology and biblical insights that would last for centuries beyond his death.

Origen, along with Clement and Pantaenus (ever heard of him?) helped found one of the great seminaries of the ancient Christian world.  These teachers continued the work of Philo to help merge the Catholic, Greek, and Gnostic traditions into a full orthodox Christianity.  Unfortunately, Origen has subsequently been ruled a heretic for his speculations on the nature of the human soul.

Where are the Origens of the day who will remain faithful to the Logos yet translate the gospel for diverse contexts?  Where are the Origens that will remind us of the spiritual and moral natures of our scriptures while retaining the appropriate literal renderings?  Where are the Origens that will help found some of the most profound and new centers of Christian learning? In which countries to they live? Egypt, Germany, Mexico, North or South Korea?

We will rejoice when we read their orthodox writing and be careful to not afford too much weight to their speculations.