Asbury International: Trending Global Experiences at Asbury Theological Seminary

OCTOBER 25-29, 2010

E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism: This past week in the weekly ESJ seminar, alumnus Prabhu Singh presented on his reflections on the future of American and Indian partnerships in missions.  Reflecting on the biblical theme of unity in diversity, singh charted a way beyond the extremes of ethnocentric exclusivity and subservient dependency.

The ESJ Seminar in Missiology meets every Wednesday morning, 8:15-9:30 am.  The focus of the seminar is on spiritual formation, community formation, and development of academic skills.  For more information you can contact the seminar facilitator Dr. Eunice Irwin.

Chapel: This last Friday, Dean of Chapel JD Walt hosted the first of three conversations aiming to enrich the chapel experience. Walt and fourteen others discussed this question,

Is it possible to develop a communal theology and practice of worship, in which the global diversity of participants feel comfortable to engage in authentic worship? Why or why not?  If so, how would you know it was happening?

Two more sessions will unfold before December.  To engage with the conversation contact Keith Jagger at

Campus Life: This last Friday on the Wilmore campus professor of anthropology Steve Ybarolla facilitated a conversation on culture shock hosted by the ministry for Global Community Development. The group shared stories of intercultural experiences, the heartache involved, and coping strategies.

Participants included an M.A American couple preparing for overseas missions, three Korean missionaries each studying their PhD, two American MdDiv students looking to be more culturally sensitive to those experiencing culture shock, a long term missionary to Papua New Guinea, Two Indian students one new another graduating, a PhD student from Uganda and one from Southeast Asia, and a US staff member heading to do a PhD in Northern Europe.