Travel Diaries: Spain

From Salamanca, we traveled to Segovia via Avila.  Little did I realize then, we were traveling through the heartland of Medieval Spanish Mysticism.  The writings of St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila were birthed in these regions.  It was a fateful ignorance that we rapidly traveled through these lands.

Only a half-decade later would I set my eyes on Dark Night, Living Flame of Love, and the Interior Castle. For us, then, our road led us to the exterior castles of this decaying civilization. Our Spanish journey culminated in Segova as we toured the Roman Aqueducts and the Alcazar, the city’s 11th Century Castle.  We camped outside the city and met there two young men from Belgium.  Interestingly, our conversation led to Christianity and their disdain of priests and suspicion of all clergy.  Our fascinating conversation back-dropped our rugged tour through the ruins of Christendom gone by.

Thursday, September 9th

After our long bus ride back to Madrid, we found our way to the airport where we would catch our flight to Belgium.  As our jet streamed over Western Europe, I reflected on our first week.  There was so much ancient history living in the walls of these lands.  My mind had been enflamed with its mystery.  And yet, one sensed that an era was passing into the annals of history.  The Christianity enshrined here seemed like the skin of some ancient serpent nearly shed.  But the new coat of these lands seemed more like a mosaic more vividly akin to its pre-Christian past.  Well, it was all just a feeling then, a slow opening of eyes.


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