What is Global Community Development?

Global Community Development:

What do you get when you unleash a vibrant global community into shared local missions?

I believe that God is forming a world church, who for the first time ever is aware of one another through instant technological access.  Yet, I believe that God is preparing that church to do no less then enact their global vision in their local communities. After all, we do not need to travel the world over to serve people in need.  They are all around us. In fact, we are like the global needy in more ways than one.

I invented the term Global Community Development to describe how an example vibrant global communtiy can become a transformative agent in any local community.  In “Global Community Development” you never let global concerns outsnuff local responsibilty.  Yet, at the same time, you never let the weight of local concerns veil a needed global sensibility.  And (here is the secret recipe), I believe that a vibrant global community can unlock deeply parochial and historical injustices while at the same time provide the context that a global community needs for the preservation of its own vibrancy.  Vibrant global communities are formed only when its individual members reverentially cross the various barriers and boundaries veined throughout.  What better way is there than putting our hands together to serve others?

For my part, I get to direct this movment in a beautiful institution of higher learning.  The Ministry for Global Community Development at Asbury Seminary generates shared reflective missions for the formation of global citzen families while stimulating and supporting the wider efforts of global community develoment throughout the institution.

Every Monday, we gather to worship with a song and a prayer.  Then we contine worshipping by sepparating in four development projects (home visits, beautification, speical projects, and more worship).  We then gather for a shared meal and then break up into some smaller commonality groups (a harmony of embrace and disengagment between our various “subgroups” is an important ingredient to vibrant global community).  Our Mondays serve as an oasis of togetherness in our busy weeks where the real work of global commuity development takes place.

What do you get when you unleash a vibrant global community into shared local missions? Perhaps a small emodiment of God’s vision for earth as it is in heaven (Revelation 7.9).

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