Spirituality for the Fierce Man

I once asked a great spiritual director if spirituality was gendered.  Her response: up to a certain point.

It is true that as men and women, we are wired for different spiritual experiences, yet when we move the highest levels of union with the divine, somehow gender realities seem to evaporate.

For the souls our men, we must rethink the soft and hard archetypes that drive us to our knees in brokenness.  We must be driven to our knees in some other way.  We have been offered an image of a fiercely compassionate Son of Man who sometimes unleashes aggression against injustice.  How can we learn to protect ourselves without annihilating or even wounding our enemies?  How can we transform our wounds into the greatest gifts for humanity?  How can we find such confidence in our worth and acceptance from an ancient source? How can our women and children find rest in a situation that evokes their best selves?  How can we learn to love our brothers and stand beside them like the Son of God who became our deepest image of true manhood?

In the end, as we move into the heights of spiritual experience, and as our gender fades, union with the Son of God becomes that which can pull us out of the pride-stroking power vacuums of this world.  As we embrace our destiny as a great bride, we feel our veins pumping with vibrant strength.  We turn our gaze back to this warring world and learn to suffer for a peace never won through violence.   We have been transformed from the savage man into a son of the most high Wild Man himself.   Can I get a testimony, my brothers?