Global Community, Local Service: An Asbury Entrée

Global Community Development Mondays: Journal Entry 1.

Monday- May 31st, 2010

This past Monday represented the initial phase of our mission.  27 community members showed up to Cox’s (Future Global Community Development Center) to help prepare its infrastructure for our fall launching.  I was pleased to see the international makeup of our shared missions with diverse representation from Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Europe, and North America. It was truly a global gathering.

Except for next Monday, we will meet every other Monday in the summer to begin gathering our global community in shared local missions.

Last Monday, in particular, we were able to pack up and move all but a few linens, dishes, and cookware over to our Turkington unit.  These items needed a better shelter.  We hauled 5 truckloads of materials.  Next steps include organizing the Turkington unit as a sort of storefront, completing the inventory, setting aside at least 10 household setups worth of items, getting the linens bagged up, organizing the furniture, prepping for our garage sale on June 5, and preparing the west bay for meeting space.  I expect this to take most of the summer, so that the space is ready come September to network the community in shared missions.


Now, in the end of September, I am so happy how this has all gone.  We finished the setup u. 40 came this last week. We helped out a local restaurant owner decorate and get some things in order, we gave away two beds and a washer, we helped a lady who works two full time jobs with housework, a prayer team went out among the city, and (my favorite) we visited 3 widows.  One family visited a beloved 93 year old lady. The young boy that went along gave her a silly band.  Classic.  She had no idea what it was, but she gladly received it. Stoked to get to pioneer this work.

Come every Monday, including tonight (September 27th) 3.30-5.30pm.  At the Global Community Development Center, next to Cluckers.