Ripening Sensibility

I read recently a book on manhood. It said that a good lover is first a good gardener.  So, I decided I should probably learn to garden.

Well, that’s not the only reason.  It seems to me that a good human is a good gardener.   In the urban jungle, suburban wasteland, or the rural countryside we all need a connection with the earth and its growing things.  It is a matter of health.
I think old men know this.  Have you ever noticed how old men love to garden?  As a college boy, I could not understand it.  There was so much life to master and so many things to do.  How could  grey beards then turn to flowers?  Surely they must have surrendered to life long ago.
But as grey now creeps onto my face, I hear a faint cry in some ancient part of my soul: slow down….slow down.  It calls my hands back to the earth.
Until a lad can enjoy the sweet breeze and until the golden horizon gives him pause from upturning the clay, he will remain a boy.  And the measure in which we can keep growing things alive all around us often reveals our level of vibrancy.  If you can’t keep you house plants alive, you will likely struggle to keep your love and soul life beating along.
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