Spiritual Reflection for a Global World: Finale

Our world is full of disaster and conflict.  Yet, somehow, God never-ceasingly fills our disaster and conflict with good things and good words.  It is our job to become people who can see and hear them.

I will leave behind now, my small series on Spiritual Reflection with a last word and the final step.

The last word is this:  even Jesus could not convince the religious elite that their ears and eyes were closed.  We will never convince them either.  Our role is to simply become people who take the space and time to worship, listen, argue, and apply what God gives us.  We are limited creatures.  God made us that way.  So, all we have to do is be faithful to the times that we are given and with the words and deeds that God uses in our everyday experiences to capture our attention.

Finally, after awe, careful and honest listening, and utilizing our logic, we enter into the double movement of “Affirmation and Application”.   Now, rather than refusing to accept our divine call (which emerges into our consciousness through formational attention), we can pivot from our fractured past into a future lived under God’s providing hand.  Now, we can move to the “Application of our Yes”.  We no longer have to live in worry. With our past words and deeds, we have not disobediently undone the promise of blessing in our life by the accumulation of disobedience.  We can firmly and gently enter into the implementation of our unique-communal life call inwardly confirmed that we are walking the path toward our destiny.  Like I mentioned before, this process of Spiritual Reflection for large decisions might last months, sometimes years; or, for small disclosures the process might last seconds or minutes.  Life sometimes demands split-second reflection.

Whatever the case, in order to live a life fully awakened to the revelation of our life call and the reality of its obstacles, we must build enduring spiritual eyes and ears.  Then, with the appraisal process integrated and digested into the core of our spirits, we “will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Rom 12.2).


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Reflection for a Global World: Finale”

  1. Keith,

    I came across your blog while working on my Rule of Life paper for VOM. This post especially resonated with me during this time of decision making. My biggest fear in making these major decisions has always been, “What if I make the wrong decision and God won’t bless me?” But through my reading (mostly Fr. Adrian van Kaam and Susan Muto) God is revealing His truth. Even through this post, God is continuing to affirm it. “With our past words and deeds, we have not disobediently undone the promise of blessing in our life by the accumulation of disobedience.” Wonderful words! Thank you.

    1. Amy,

      Glad you stumbled across more reflections inspired by Father Adrian and Susan. The Holy Spirit has a way of divine networking and putting things before us just at the right time. If only we might have eyes to see and ears to hear. Advent blessings as you continue to discern divine guidance!

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