A Letter to Asbury’s Global Community

A letter I just sent to my beloved global community at Asbury


As you know, we have spent the summer with Cox’s Missions.  We were preparing a space through which the global Asbury community could serve together on a regular basis.  We were creating a center for shared missions.  Many gave time every week to both transform the space and serve our incoming international students with hospitality baskets, airport pickups, household setups, furniture setups, and help with transition details (driving to the bank, social security office, etc.).

I loved this last week where we built a stage.  At one point I was working along side my brother from Uganda tearing out an old and rusted heater.  My brothers from the US and India were carefully crafting a stage.  And we all worked with some new Korean students to get a crib and a table.  By the time lunch rolled around, and we went out to Jose’s Mexican.  At that time there were eleven of us from four continents.  And conversation was flying, from African mannerisms to former jobs as international finance gurus.

Altogether on Monday, I served along side of men and women from England, Uganda, Nigeria, Korea, India, and North America (three had been long-term missionaries in both Tanzania and Papua New Guinea).   I love seeing the miracle of the new creation now and the space to watch my brothers and sisters from every nation exert their glory through using their gifts.  We have a good God!

I pray that the Spirit of Global Community only increases as the year unfolds and that at some point you all can experience the joy of working together to show God’s love to his children.

On Friday (August 27th), at Cox’s Global Community Development Center, we will have a special work day- Come any time between 8 and 3.30.  We will finish up our renovation.

On Monday, August 30th, come join in some local service.  We will gather at the Cox’s Global Community Development Center (next to Cluckers) at 3.30pm.  Some will be helping a Seminary family move, some will be out visiting a few widows who live in Wilmore, and some will stay back and be led in Worship by a Korean brother.  Bring your kids (we have especially attempted to make the first project—moving a family—kid friendly).  Then join the crew for a shared meal in the Student Center Dining Room at 5.30 for a potluck.  We will provide the hot dish and drink. You can bring a side salad, side dish, or dessert.

I am happy to answer any questions and hope to see you and your family there!