Reflections on Appraisal Part 1

The appraisal process remains central to the healthy formation of any human.  In order to hear and comprehend echoes of the Spirit moving in our lives, we must build the spiritual muscles that engage our spiritual eyes and ears. While simple reflection can help us discern right things to do, Appraisal moves far beyond simply pondering the mysteries of our universe. If one were to break it down, Appraisal really includes seven components that moves from “Abiding in Awe Filled Attention” to the “Application of our Yes”.

As a human practice, Appraisal becomes the integrated way through which we stay awakened to the movements of God in our life.  Appraisal keeps us radiant.  It also becomes and the excercise that fills our eyes with light (Luke 11.33-36).  Without engaging the Appraisal process, we are likely destined to be tossed on the storm driven sea of life and fall captive to the executive slavery of our own pride. Therefore, the goal of any spiritual life is to learn and integrate the Appraisal process so that in times of large decisions or in the momentary decision to pick up the hitchhiker, we can naturally engage God’s hearts for wise discernment of direction…