Formative Spirituality

Ever since Socrates defined the human spirit, we have been on our search excellence. Humans have been gifted a powerful spirit.  Unlike the rest of the cosmos, our journey to transformation is led along by more than our bio-physical drives. We either become better, or we deform. In the end, we have been twelve or a hundred different people. That’s how we’ve been created. We unfold. We follow some primordial call.

Thousands of spiritual Masters have been on this journey, mapping its contours. Major streams of thought and untold religious effort have been spent to endorse, extinguish, capitalize upon, and support this one fundamental piece of the human DNA.

The discipline of Formative Spirituality, conceived by Father Adrian van Kaam, seeks to scientifically explain the unfolding of a healthy human spirit and locate its obstacles. At its core, spirituality aids a person in the discovery her unique-communal destiny (what one is called to be and do). The pressures of a sick spirituality reinforce human pride and the impulse to dominate and control even one’s own destiny. While Christian Spirituality does not claim that it alone creates deeply good and selfless human beings, it does claim to map the deepest contours of reality, particularly the full flowering of one’s individual calling for the sake of  a divine community, which is embraced by Lord of Creation. I use this blog to reflect on the work of these masters and to develop my own style of teaching in the art and science of the human spirit.