Sackclothed Awareness…


Thank you all who made a stand at Christmas in Wilmore for fair trade and slaveless labor. 10 of us braved the cold by God’s grace encouraging the masses to shop smart this Christmas. We prepped for 45 minutes asking for God’s favor and open hearts: that God would break the chains of the oppressed, bring sight to the blind, and proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

Sackclothed with trays full of fair trade chocolate, the group engaged in conversation from 5.45- 8.00 bringing awareness to the 2,500 festival participants. The response was amazing! From young children to the elderly, many were amazed that slavery still exists. “I had no idea that slaves made some of our chocolate”, exclaimed one. Of course, my favorite response was, “so what can we do about this?” Our fliers pointed them in the direction of fair trade. We can begin with smart consumerism (see: and

Others reported welling outrage that the F.B.I has pulled 900 children out of brothels in the U.S. over the last five years ( From my perspective, the myriad of college students were the most impacted and had the most inquisitive hearts. All, it seemed, enjoyed the chocolate, which was miraculous in its own right.

At 6.45, it was looking like our supply was running out fast. The softball size pile of chocolate chunks needed to last until 8. People kept plucking pieces, but the pile didn’t change. It just lasted. The group felt a keen sense that God truly blessed this chocolate and our conversations. When we step out with Him and risk ourselves for the things that burden God’s heart, we experience miracles, from multiplying chocolate to surprisingly open hearts of the young and old.

Thousands now know about Human Trafficking in a way that they would have never if this group didn’t risk themselves on a cold Christmas evening. It is now up to our Mightily Complete God to grow the seeds that were planted on Saturday.

We count this as activism success number-one for the Modern Abolitionists ( Come today and Thursday at Noon for prayer in AHOP, and stay tuned for information on the upcoming stakeout this week. The Lord is moving among us, most of all changing our hearts into the Samaritan Heart as we become more Christ-like, and therefore more who we were created to be.

Nativity Blessings,