Not Alone

Slumped upon my porch, I listened today as the rain fell from above. Soon, the drops would wet  the leaves all around. The birds were numerous. From distant branches they sung their phrases.

Those hopping in nearer places were leaping limbs and resting in a row along fence tops.  At once, the litany of noise struck me.

I straightened and perceived something I never  noticed before, its one voice made of hundreds, its slow crescendo and slow softening.

This bodily reality gets buried beneath anxiety.  I lose sight of my worth.   I feel fragmented. Fragmented.  I feel deeply alone.

This day weakens all that.  The litany of bird songs bringing me back to the refreshing day, reminding me that I’m just a part of it, belonging to the bigger biosphere.   The birds, the trees, the people. Not alone.

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